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Beiteddine Festival - Baalbeck Festival


Beiteddine Festival


The Festival is held in a 200-year-old palace in Beiteddine, a little town in the mountainous region of the Chouf, 45 kilometers south-east of Beirut.

July 2nd, 2004


A night at the Opera Puccini's Turandot
Grand opening with Puccini's last and unfinished opera Turandot, in a sumptuous production that was presented at the royal Albert hall to raving critics. Turandot will be performed in full costume and set design turning Beiteddine Palace into a Chinese Imperial Court. In the role of princess turandot, Ludmila Magomedova, leading Soloist at the Berlin Opera and the Bolshoi. The Orchestra is conducted by Alexandru Samoila



July 7,8,9 & 10 2004


Cirque Eloize: Nomade
The Canadian company, Cirque Eloize presents its latest creation, nomade, a spectacular show in a magical combination of circus arts, contemporary dance and music. Cirque Eloize is an avant-grade approach to circus that has toured over 200 cities and was applauded by more than 2.5 million spectators. Nomade, a dream world for audiences from 7 to 77 years



July 16, 17th, 2004


Garou: Rock and pop concert
Following his great success in major capitals of the world Garou, the unforgettable Quasimodo of Notre Dame de Paris, promises a rock and pop concert. His gusty, gravelly vocal style and unique stage presence make him one of the leading singers today, a concert to remember.
Garou is winner of the following awards:
- Chevalier de l'ordre des Arts et des lettres-France.
- World music award.
- World's best seller Canadian male artist.
- Victoire de la musique
- Music award-artist-masculin Francophone.



July 24th, 2004


Fazil say Piano Virtuoso
Fazil say will perform in the magical atmosphere to the inner courtyard. The programme includes Mozart, Ravel and Liszt, as well as his dazzling interpretation of Gershwin's work.



July 30th, 2004


Jordi Savall and the ensemble Haboul
The concert is directed by world famous Jordi Savall who is recognized as the leading interpreter of early music, His recordings number 100 and have received the diapason d'or, double disc of gold, Cesar to best film score. Jordi Savall will be accompanied by his ensemble and the famous Soprano Montsserat Figueras.
Ensemble Kaboul is devoted to Traditional music of Afghanistan. The group brings together several percussion instruments reflecting the various facets of Afghan music. They are accompanied by Mahwash, the first femal ustad in Afganistan

July 31st, 2004


Kazem As Saher
The exceptional classical artist is back on popular demand. Kazem As Saher has created a movement of adoration close to Myth. His repertoire is equally rich in singing traditional and modern poetry. Most of his songs are based on lyrics by the poet Nizar Kabbani. Kazem As Saher is the top selling artist in the Arab World



August 6th, 2004


Metapolis: Project 972
Zaha Hadid has been awarded the Pritzker prize, equivalent in Architecture to the Novel Prize.
An Amazing Dance performance, a vanguard show, the magic unfolds when a choreographer builds an amazing dance performance on the vision of the post-modern city as seen by the leading Iraqi Architect Zaha Hadid. Metapolis evokes a utopian city built upon a game of contradiction: private/public, mobile/static, order/chaos and urbanization/disurbanization.



August 11,12,13 &14th, 2004


Mansour Rahbani: Reign of the Shepherds
A major new musical by Lebanon's leading playwright and composer Mansour Rahbano will be the highlight of our 2004 edition. The reign of the Shepherds is a witty political satire commissioned and produced by the Beiteddine Festival. The exceptional set design and rich costumes of the dancers and actors set the background to a intricate plot that will feature an outstanding cast of artists, led by: Tunisian super-star Latifa, Antoine Kerbage and Rafic Aly Ahmad, to name a few.



August 27, 28th, 2004


Naumon: Vessel of Arts, culture and education
The year 2004 will see the celebration of a large number of events around the Mediterranean. The Beiteddine Festival, in association with Solidere is proud to put Beirut on the cultural map by hosting the vessel Naumon right after the unauguration ceremony on the Olympic games in Athens. The vessel  Naumon will sail to anchor at Beirut Marina, she will stage shows and exhibitions on board fireworks, acrobats, dance and laser shows will be presented free of charge. up to 20,000 people are expected to attend each night.



Box Office

Starco Center
Free parking available
Opening hours
10:00 AM 6:30 PM from Monday to Saturday
Tel: 01-365174   365 186-372666
On line purchasing

Virgin Megastore
Tel: 01-999666 ext: 101
Opening hours
Monday to Thursday  from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Friday and Saturday    from 10:00 am to 10:00 am
Sunday                           from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Transport by Pullman
From Hotl Le Cavalier, Hamra
Centre Sofil, Achrafieh
Starco Center
Last Pullman leaves at 6 pm


Baalbeck Festival


Friday 9th & Saturday July 10th : Grupo Corpo, Brazilian Dance Theate

Temple of Jupiter

Founded in 1975 by the brothers Paulo and Rodrigo Pederneiras, Grupo Corpo is at the present the most successful Brazilian dance group (21 dancers) both in Brazil  and abroad. Its choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras is the first Brazilian choreographer of international fame and the winner of many international awards. Pederneiras is considered the Jiri Kylian of  Brazil , and brings into the ballet technique, choreographic structures, the liberty, flexibility of modern dance, the sinuosity, and the complex rhythmic action of the torso pertaining to African dance. His works are part of the repertory of the three largest ballet troops in  Brazil .

A spectacular show of exceptional quality.



Friday Jukly 16th: Jackie McLean, Jazz

Temple of Bacchus

Saxophonist, composer and music professor, Jackie Mclean is a living American legend in the history of jazz. He started his career in the fifties and very quickly conquered the jazz scene thanks to his collaboration with Sonny Rollins and Bud Powell. When he was 19 he worked with Miles Davis. Later he collaborated with George Wallington and Charles Mingus. In the seventies he started his career as professor of music at  Hartford   University . Jackie MacLean and his band will give one single performance in the mythical Bacchus temple.



Sunday July 18th: Massive Attack, Electronic Fusion of Hip Hop & Rock

Temple of Jupiter

Massive Attack is today a reference in the music style known as 'electronica'.

Formed in 1991, the English group produces a blend of funk, hip-hop and electronic music creating a unique sound called 'Trip Hop'.

Massive Attack is a real cult the world over. Their incredibly high-tech show for Baalbeck on  the 18th of July 2004  promises to be a blockbuster with powerful base and psychedelic lighting. A first in the history of the Baalbeck Festival.



Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th : L'Emigré de Brisbane by Georges Schéhadé, Lebanese Theater

Between the temples of Jupiter and Bacchus

“The Emigrant of Brisbane” is a play written by the famous Lebanese Francophone play write Georges Schéhadé. After having been performed during the Baalbeck Festival forty years ago in its original French version, “the Emigrant of Brisbane” comes back this summer to Baalbeck with a new director, Nabil El Azan. This time the play will be performed in Arabic, translated by Issa Makhlouf.

There will be an over-screen printed in French.

Nabil El Azan is a director of Lebanese origin, and has obtained great success with his last creation “Helen’s Necklace” which is still being performed in Europe . He is the director of the French troop La Barraca which aims at creating and promoting contemporary drama. Recently, in  France , Nabil El Azan received the title “Officer of the Arts and literature”. Jacques Gabel, set designer of the play has just been awarded the “Molière” prize for the best set designer in  France .

A dramatic rendez-vous interlacing poetry and music presented by famous Lebanese actors and the great composer Zad Moultaka”. 



Friday 30th and Saturday July 31st: Japanese Drumming Team, Osaka Dadada-dan Tenko

Temple of Jupiter
 Dadada-dan Tenko is the largest drum group in the world. Their concerts based on the theme of “Energetic Entertainment” are overflowing with entertainment and draw a lot of attention with their dramatic performances. With over 600 appearances, they have taken their concerts beyond  Japan  to the rest of the world. They command attention as “the rare group that united modernism with tradition”.

This magnificent event is presented with the collaboration of the Japanese embassy, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Japan-Lebanon relations.



Friday August 6th: National Symphony Orchestra of Lebanon, Classical Music

Temple of Jupiter
1st part: 2nd Symphony of Gabriel Saab

Homage to the composer Gabriel Saab, a founding member of the Baalbeck International Festival who died in Montreal in 2003.

2nd part: excerpts from: Brahms-Korsakoff–J.Strauss–Vivaldi–Berlioz-Tchaikovsky-Sibelius-Dvorak.

Conductor: Dr. Walid Gholmieh



Sunday August 8th 2004: Placido Domingo

Temple of Jupiter

The “King of Opera” Placido Domingo is today the most famous tenor since Caruso. Director and singer, he has performed more than 118 opera roles. He has sung in the most important opera houses in the world, and has inaugurated the Metropolitan Opera 18 times. 

Placido Domingo is one of the most decorated artists and the most appreciated by the public. He has received 8 “Grammy Awards” for his recordings and eight of his albums are gold records. 

Placido Domingo will be accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra of Lebanon directed by Eugene Kohn. This concert promises to be one of the great moments of the summer.



Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday August 15th: The Journey of Four Songs , A Folk&Fusion Musical by Michel Elefteriades

Temple of Jupiter
These songs are drawn from the core of the Lebanese heritage; they were born in our own hometowns… At the beginning of this millennium they left their country and began an odyssey which would take them through the Balkan countries where they lived for a while before proceeding through 
Spain  and across the  Atlantic . Landing finally in  Cuba  the songs were enriched with new instruments, new rhythms and other dancers.

Songs and music: Hanine, Nahawand, Tony Hanna, Melhem Zein, José Galves, Imad El Rifai, the Chehadeh Brothers, Aleph, Son Cubano, the Yugoslavian Brass Band and the soloists from the Compania Garcia Lorca Flamenco… 

Dance: the soloists from National Troupe of Georgia, folk dancers from Baalbeck… 

A new and spectacular show, live, composed of songs, music and dance, this musical fantasy is all about rhythm and color.



Friday 20th and Saturday August 21st: Rabih Abou Khalil Group, Jazz

Temple of Bacchus
Master of the oud and composer of Jazz, Rabih Abu Khalil, who is of Lebanese origin, returns to the Baalbeck Festival with a new group of five musicians (oud, clarinet, accordion, trumpet and drums) and a singer. Rabih Abu Khalil is considered one of the musicians who influenced most the European jazz in the last ten years. Beyond the gaps of the Arabic-Oriental musical culture, he has created his own style in which the oriental essence adopts naturally the improvisation of jazz and in which jazz melts into the scroll of the oud. Rabih Abu Khalil received the “German Critics Award” in 2003 for his career.



Friday August 27th: Il Giardino Armonico, Classical Music

Temple of Bacchus

The Il Giardino Armonica ensemble is considered to be one of the most sought after  baroque ensembles by music lovers. Founded in 1985 in  Milan  this ensemble is made up of musicians who have studied in the best music schools, some of them are soloists of international fame. They have taken part in concerts with important musicians such as N. Harnoncourt, T. Pinnock, J. Savall, etc.

Their numerous recordings of Vivaldi and 18th century composers have received several awards. Their last recording of 15th century composers’ music has received the renowned prize “The world shock of music”.

Director: Giovanni Antonini


Scheidt – Battaglia à 5

Biber – Battalia à 10

Handel – Concerto grosso en si bémol majeur op. VI no.7 pour cordes et basse continue

Vivaldi – Concerto en do majeur RV 444 pour petite flûte, cordes et basse continue

Locatelli – Concerto en mi bémol majeur op. VII no.6 « Il pianto di Arianna »

Handel – Concerto grosso en ré majeur op. VI n0.5 pour cordes et basse continue









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