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 Beirut: Cosmopolitan Flair



What to see and do in Beirut:

  •  Take a leisurely stroll through the Beirut Central District (Solidère) and marvel at the ornate, beautifully restored buildings with their arabesque yellow and pastel stonework, graceful arches, and wrought iron scrollwork. Along the way, discover the ancient ruins of Roman baths, markets, and buildings that have recently been uncovered and left exposed. Afterwards, enjoy strong Lebanese-style coffee and tasty sweets at one of Beirut’s many Parisian-style sidewalk cafès.

  • Get some exercise by walking, jogging, roller-blading, or biking along the long, wide Corniche, which runs along the Mediterranean coast. At the southwestern end (Raouché), stop for a look at Beirut’s impressive Pigeon Rocks, which rise majestically from the waters just off the coastline.


  • If the gym is more your style, visit one of Beirut’s world-class, trendy health clubs for a workout, followed by a spa treatment or a massage.


  • Spend an afternoon discovering the antiquities of Beirut’s National Museum, which houses treasures that trace the history of the region – from prehistoric Egyptian artificats, to Phoenician statues and glassware, to Roman and Byzantine jewelery. Afterwards, visit the art exhibits at the Sursock Museum, housed in a beautiful 19th century Italianate mansion.


  • Shop till you drop at one of Beirut’s unique artisanat shops, selling high-quality Lebanese handicrafts, or look for trendy, contemporary fashions along Rue Hamra or at one of the city’s chic shopping malls.



  • Explore the city’s religious heritage by visiting its well-preserved mosques and churches built from the 12th to 19th centuries.




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